Who we are

About us

Insurance Foundation of India (IFI) is set up under the Trust Registration Act 1882 of Government of India as a Not for Profit Organization. Established in 2009, IFI is an award-winning NGO and has successfully organized various Executive Development Programmes of International standards in India with world-class faculty. Additionally, IFI has been granted the 80G approval by Tax Authorities.

The objective and purpose behind setting up of the Insurance Foundation of India (IFI) is:

  • Support the growth of the Insurance Industry in India
  • Organize Programme & Executive Education Programmes to enhance knowledge of Insurance Industry
  • Increase awareness about Insurance including in rural areas
  • Assist the Insurance consumers of India by raising issues with relevant authorities and publishing articles/vernacular books to increase inclusion of Insurance in financial planning/risk management
  • Collaborate with World Class Institutions to achieve the Foundation’s objectives
  • Establish education institutions and provide online education to increase reach and access

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Various CSR Projects undertaken by IFI are:
-Financial Inclusion
-Emphasis on importance of savings and financial planning for lower segment of society
-Focus on importance of bank accounts within rural areas and villages
-Involvement of women in the discussion/ importance of Insurance
-Healthy People, Wealthy People – emphasizing importance of good health

IFI’s projects have received a lot of industry recognition and specifically, our project “Bima Jagrukta Abhiyan” has been awarded the Skoch Award as one of the 100 top Projects undertaken in India during 2016.

For partnering with IFI for your organization’s CSR Project, please reach out to us at vp@ifingo.org