Consumer Education

Micro Insurance

Question:- Can you give details of some of the projects undertaken by you?

Answer:- Micro insurance is one of our prestigious projects. There are many people working in micro, tiny, small & medium industrial units/ organizations that employ 7 – 100 employees. These organizations cannot get group policies issued as insurance companies wish to have group of at least 100 members or higher. Under micro insurance or group term insurance policy or group health insurance policy, we will fulfill the need of these organizations. Anyone interested in learning more about these can contact us at or 09810090853.

For example: an individual can get term insurance policy from any Life Insurance Company, if he/she agrees to pay Rs 2000 or higher. This is because policy issuing cost is at least Rs. 800 or higher. However, we can cover your employee or member (age 35 or lower) for sum assured of Rs 1 lakh by paying Rs 140 or even less. We can educate your employees about using the benefits of insurance by using the Micro Insurance Model.

At IFI, our objective is to educate and empower individuals at the grass roots/villages through various platforms to take Insurance cover and protect themselves as well as their dependents.